Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spring Pizza

Photography : Rui Major

From now on I will use this short introduction to talk about an ingredient, its origins, uses and techniques.
I'll start with basil, very used for me in my recipes.

Basil is an aromatic herb which is symbolic for some people, it is sacred to the Indian and a Valentine's herb for the Romans.

Southern Italians embrace the tradition of the ancient Romans, that is a bachelor offering a pot with the basil to a girl means he his asking her to marry him.

This herb should be planted in a sunny location during the spring and blooms in summer.

The basil is widely used in Italian and French cuisines to add flavor to tomatoes, with which it has a special affinity.
It is also mixed in salads, pizzas, pastas and sauces, being the most popular the Italian pesto.

It Should be picked up and after washing the leaves it should be dried on absorbent paper and then hadn cut in small pieces, once cutting it with a knife will oxidize .

The cut with a knife oxidizes the leaves and turn them dark.

Friends: Rui and myself

Wine:a lambrusco rosed fresh wine


- one fresh pizza base if you do at home is much better

- tomato sauce
- Fresh pineapple, cut into triangles
- Slices of ham
- 3 fresh mushrooms
- Sliced ​​red onion
- fresh mozzarella cheese
- Basil leaves
- Grated Mozzarella cheese

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and place over tomato sauce.
Fill the pizza base with ham, purple onion, mushrooms and mozzarella.

Sprinkle with lots of grated cheese and bake for 10 minutes.
Add the fresh basil leaves.

Bon appetite

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